Thursday, June 02, 2016

Mexican Senators Seek to Delay Analog TV Switch-Off

Mexican Senators Seek to Delay Analog TV Switch-Off - WSJ: "The proposals, which require making a change to the constitution, come amid controversy after the recent switch-off in Monterrey, the country’s third most populous city, left close to half a million people unable to watch television.

Senator Javier Lozano of the opposition National Action Party, who is president of the Senate communications and transport committee, proposed extending the deadline to the end of 2016.

Senator ZoĆ© Robledo of the leftist Democratic Revolution Party called for an extension to the end of June, but supported continuing with a gradual switch-over and said areas that have already made the change shouldn’t go back to analog.

The switch to digital broadcast signals will free up spectrum that the government plans to use for a wholesale wireless network, which it plans to seek bids for later this year." 'via Blog this'

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