Friday, March 28, 2014

ATVOD cut some slack by Ofcom, campaigns on non-UK adult sites

ATVOD ACTS TO PROTECT CHILDREN FROM HARDCORE PORN ON UK VOD SERVICES AND PROPOSES BLOCK ON PAYMENTS TO NON-UK PORN SERVICES: "welcomed Ofcom’s decision to confirm the TV on demand regulator’s designation until 2020, and to give ATVOD more operating freedom, including removal of the need to seek prior approval from Ofcom before publishing guidance.
Commenting on the decision, ATVOD Chair Ruth Evans said:

“ATVOD has developed and matured as a regulator and we warmly welcome Ofcom’s decision to reflect this not just by confirming that the Designation will run until at least 2020 but also by giving ATVOD greater autonomy and independence.”" 'via Blog this'