Sunday, October 28, 2012

Andrew O’Hagan · BBC governance and ethics

Andrew O’Hagan · Light Entertainment · LRB 27 October 2012: " The BBC isn’t the Catholic Church, but it has its own ideals and traditions, which cause people to pause before naming the unwise acts that have been performed on its premises. Perhaps more than any church, the BBC continues to be a powerhouse of virtue, of intelligence and tolerance, but it is now suffering a kind of ecclesiastical terror at its own fallibility." 'via Blog this'

Monday, September 17, 2012

US jails man over Hezbollah channel distribution

US jails man over Hezbollah channel - Americas - Al Jazeera English: "Javed Iqbal was sentenced to more than five and a half years in prison for broadcasting Al Manar channel, run by Hezbollah, an armed Lebanese group branded a terrorist organisation by the US.
"I did not make a profit of broadcasting Al Manar and it cost me my life," Iqbal's lawyer, Joshua Dratel, read from a prepared statement on behalf of his client.
Iqbal had pleaded guilty to the charges in December.
The US treasury labelled Al Manar a terrorist organisation in March 2006, saying it supported Hezbollah's fund-raising and recruitment activities.
Prosecutors said Iqbal, who moved to the US more than 26 years ago, provided transmission services to the Beirut-based channel in return for payment in 2005 and 2006 and sold the channel to US customers through his company, HDTV Ltd."
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Friday, April 27, 2012

2012: First AVMS Implementation report due

Pursuant to Article 33 of Directive 2010/13/EU, the Commission has the obligation to report on the application of the Directive and, if necessary, make further proposals in the light of recent technological developments. The Commission presented a number of issues that will be covered by the report: for instance audiovisual commercial communication and the concepts of sponsorship, advertising spot and self-promotion

AVMS Directive - Contact Committee

EU audiovisual and media policies - AVMS Directive - Contact Committee | Europa: "Dir 97/36/EC established the Contact Committee (now Article 29 AVMSD), to monitor the implementation of the Directive and the developments in the sector and as a forum for the exchange of views. It deals not only with the existing audiovisual policy but also with the relevant developments arising in this sector... special attention to technical developments in the audiovisual sector."
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EU audiovisual and media policies - case law

EU audiovisual and media policies - case law: "Judgment of the Court (Grand Chamber) of 4 October 2011 (references for a preliminary ruling from the High Court of Justice of England and Wales, Chancery Division, and the High Court of Justice of England and Wales, Queen's Bench Division (Administrative Court)) - (Joined Cases C-403/08 and C-429/08)" Greek decoders and Sky Sports.
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